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Termination & Dismantling
Termination & Dismantling
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Termination & Dismantling


We will dismantle your unused equipment and handle the disposal process.

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more_vertInstallation & Supply
Installation & Supplyclose

We will install your electrical & mechanical equipment according to the required design parameters. We have experience in installing generators, transformers, switchgears & controlgears, motors and cables, and physically link them up together. When necessary, we can also supply the equipments or parts needed. ..


After installation, we will ensure all equipment are integrated and work as a functioning system to meet the desired outcome. Various simulations and adjustment may be necessary, using specific testing equipment and energizing scenarios. We are one of the few companies who has the license to inspect and recommend private and public electrical systems (power plants, transmission & distribution)..

more_vertOperations & Maintenance
Operations & Maintenanceclose

This new services will help you focus on your core business without worrying about your electrical and mechanical operations and maintenance. Let us handle that for you through competitively priced long term contracts. Alternatively, just call us when you have problems and we will come to troubleshoot and repair it for you. ..

more_vertModification, Relocation & Retrofit
Modification, Relocation & Retrofitclose

When your need changes but you don’t want to revamp the whole system, you may just modify the necessary equip-ment, move it to new location, or let us refurbish (retrofit) your old equipment. A smart and cost effective move. ..