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The switchboard is a so-called factory-assembled and out-door metal-enclose switchgear, assembled under rigorous quality control and passed the careful verification tests, it is designed to accommodate high performance disconnecting switch, fuse and vacuum contractor. The switchboard itself comforms to NEMA and ANSI and all primary components used therein are in accordance with the relevant NEMA / ANSI standards.

An improved design of 730 to 3600 volt operating capacity, eliminating costly controller changes and expanding the switchboard's use. The modern production process has been introduced for the manufacture of main components, primarily in sheet-metal forming, the technique of joining frameworks and surface protection. We inform various operators of the fact that our switchboard technology assures and enormously wide range of aplications and the highest possible operational reliability.


  1. 150HP
  2. 250HP
  3. 280HP
  4. 700HP



The cubicle framework is constructed of pre-fabricated steel plates which are bolted / welded together to form a rigid enclosure. The cubicle construction is fully metal-enclose and free standing out door design as definied in NEMA / ANSI. Inside of the switchboard cubicle, there is second door for separating high voltage and low voltage compartments. The second door is equipped with locking device.

For the low voltage compartment, ventilation is made on the left and the righ side. The standard degree of protection for the cubicle is 3R, as defined in NEMA

Other standar features include

  • Internal door with lock
  • Receptable
  • Earthing conductor within the cubicle
  • Front door with lock
  • Cable gland


The components contained in the switchboard are manufactured and tested in accordance with their relevant standard specifications.

Disconnecting Switch

Disconnecting switch has been designed and factory tested, disconnecting switch mounted on rear side of the high voltage compartment.


Fuse is mounted on the rear side of the high voltage compartment on the bottom of disconnecting switch and functioning for short circuit protection.

Vacuum Contactor

Vacuum contactor has designed and type tested in accordance with NEMA, ANSI and IEEE standard. The contactor is mounted on the floor of the high voltage compartment bottom of fuse.

Control Transformer

Control transformer is mounted on the floor of the high voltage compartment.

Potential Transformer

Potential transformer is mounted on the floor of the high voltage compartment.

Lighting Arrester

Lighting arrester is mounted on the left side of the disconnecting switch on the rear of the high voltage compartment.


For safety purpose / avoiding mechanical impact, the controller is installed on the second door in the low voltage compartment.

The motor controller offer you :

  • Extended submersible pump run lives
  • Protection from a wide variety of downhole problems
  • Easy and inexpensive installation
  • High reliability, even in hostile environments
  • Simple operation, even for inexperienced operators
  • Better data, to help you make better dicisions


The motor controller protects your submersible pump from a wide variety of problems :

Protection from downhole problems

  • - Overload
  • - Undervoltage
  • - Current unbalance
  • - Excessive starts

Protection from power problems

  • Overvoltage
  • Underload
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Wrong phase rotation

Motor Recording

The ammeters record the value of an a-c current respectively on a circular paper. A moving measuring element responds to the changes of the electrical input and then positions the recording pen on the chart accordingly. This device provides accurately the working status of the motor, such as underload, overload shutdown etc, for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Interlocking Systems

The switchboard has safety feaures, those are :

  1. Prevents the disconnecting switch from being opened or closed unless all line contactors are opened.
  2. Prevents the opening of the second door when the disconnecting switch closed.
  3. Prevents the disconnecting switch from being closed when the second door of the controller switchboard is opened.

Erection & Maintenance


The switchboard is assembled together, wired up, tested, and delivered complete with motor controller. The cubicle connecting space of the switchboard is designed so that commercial cables, suiteble for the rated feeder current, can be employed to connect the switchboard.


The switchboard is safe and simple to maintain, if work has to be carried out on particular parts of switchboard, these parts should, of course, first be switched off.

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