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Big Enclosure & Kiosk
Big Enclosure & Kiosk
Big Enclosure & Kiosk
Big Enclosure & Kiosk
Big Enclosure & Kiosk
Big Enclosure & Kiosk
Big Enclosure & Kiosk
Big Enclosure & Kiosk
Big Enclosure & KioskBig Enclosure & KioskBig Enclosure & KioskBig Enclosure & Kiosk
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Big Enclosure & Kiosk



Specially designed outdoor enclosure to house big equipment such as gas pipe regulators, power transformer, and electrical panels. Movable, and can be used as control rooms.


Genset Enclosure & Kiosk

The minimize noise and sound, you can put the Genset in our compact attenuated enclosure capable to house solar fuel tank and/or generator panel customized for :

  1. Low Power : 11kVA - 175 kVA
  2. Medium Power : 200kVA - 500kVA
  3. High Power : 550kVA - 1000kVA
  4. The specific capacity and other requirement are available upon the request

Sound proof acoustic enclosures are built to withstand extreme weather condition. The acoustic enclosures are manufactured with a 2 - 3 mm steel outer skin lined with fire proof acoustic material. Attenuators are placed in the hot air outlet and cooling air inlet. Exhoust silencers of the residential type are mounted either on the top of, or inside, the enclosures exhoust.


PCR (Power Control Room)

  1. Outdoor type
  2. Application standard : ANSI/NEMA
  3. Enclosure : NEMA - 3R
  4. Location : Non Classified or Classified area
  5. Metal building integrated with electrical switchgear and control systems
  6. Factory assembled and tested with installed equipment
  7. Lower site installation cost

Other Products


Hydrant Box

  1. Indoor & Outdoor type
  2. Protection category IP 30 (indoor), IPP 44 (outdoor)
  3. Flexible design for single door and additional accessories
  4. Finishing treet : Wet painting



  1. Can be used on the wall building & the wall factory
  2. Finishing treat wet painting and powder coating
  3. Material SPHC 1,2 - 2,0 mm thick
  4. Flexible size with various colour options


Rail MCB

  1. Support MCB component and terminal block
  2. Finishing treat Zn3 (Zinc Plating)
  3. Material SPHC 1,2 mm thick
  4. Flexible length
  5. Flexible holes spacing to allow adjustable mounting

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