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Metal Sheet

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more_vertEnclosures & Cabinets
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Box Outdoor ATSOverviewSpecially designed outdoor wall-mounting enclosure for Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) generator control panel.DescriptionMultiple standard dimensionFully welded enclosure of solid constructionSingle door with inner door optionWall bracket or pole bracketSee-through front door and mounting plateCustomized cut out dimension and positionQuarter turn key with double-bit insert ..

more_vertBig Enclosure & Kiosk
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OverviewSpecially designed outdoor enclosure to house big equipment such as gas pipe regulators, power transformer, and electrical panels. Movable, and can be used as control rooms.DescriptionGenset Enclosure & KioskThe minimize noise and sound, you can put the Genset in our compact attenuated enclosure capable to house solar fuel tank and/or generator panel customized for :Low Power : 11kVA -..

more_vertTelecommunication Racks & Cabinets
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OverviewStandard 19-inch open rack and closed cabinets designed to house telecommunication equipment, rectifiers, batteries in a telecommunication base stations. Also available in wall-mounting version...

more_vertTelecommunication Accessories
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OverviewMain Distribution Frame (Single and double vertical frame) is applicable for various large capacity program-controlled switching systems. It connects inside and outside cables, patch cords, as well as protects inner equipments. Suitable for large and small program-controlled telephone exchanges.Single & Double Vertical FrameDescriptionFrame made of shaped steel, looks nice in shape and..

Metal Sheet