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About Us


We have a long experience in engineering and manufacturing first class electrical switchgear and controlgear such as Low and Medium-Voltage Switchgear (up to 24 kV), Control Relay Panel, and Low Voltage Distribution and Lighting Panels. We also produce Motor Control Center, Generator Control Panel, and control panels for motors and pumps.
Our metal sheet product includes various types of enclosures, metal boxes, lockers, smart printer, genius box, swingdoor, feeder box, telecommunication accessories such as 19” racks and cabinets, feeder clamp, and DDF, as well as cable support system. We also produce big size enclosures such as container-like kiosks, gen-set soundproof enclosures, and power control room.
We offer a complete solution to our customers by providing installation services and supplies, testing and commissioning services, repair, maintenance & operation, refurbish and relocation services.
Our Services scope includes all mechanical and electrical equipment and systems.


Become the number one Independent national company in electrical and mechanical equipment in sales and profit and capable to compete in global market.
Actively participate in the development of Indonesian electrical and mechanical equipment industry, and provide opportunity for Indonesian to build competence in electrical and Industrial engineering to achieve national prosperity end earn respect from international community.


Culture Serving & Service

ASEP RONDI realizes that the business of electric panel & metal sheet manufacturing services concerns the life of its clients. Therefore, the man who had been a production operator at a panel company in Tangerang is also an Electrical scholar at a college in Jakarta. making Asep Rondi increasingly want to learn panel and electrical world, at the beginning of 2010 Asep Rondi tried to ventured with Engenering team in form by Asep Rondi in that year so stood a CV which was named CV. IMAM ELEKTRIK - with the establishment of the container of the CV Asep Rondi career in panel and electrical world is getting known in public wide even until 2017 end Asep Rondi and its engineering team in trust to back up PELNI ships in all Indonesia, in addition to companies / industry and building CV. IMAM ELECTRICAL also in believe in MENCON companies in Indonesia to do sub-con work in the field of electrical. Until 2017 CV. IMAM ELEKTRIK almost in trust approximately 40 large companies in Indonesia, so with the growing and increasingly in the belief CV. IMAM ELECTRICITY in public, Asep Rondi is determined to make a company in manufacturer panel and electrical field so dated 9 January 2018 formed a company PT. ANUGRAH CIPTAKARYA UTAMA (ACKU) is headquartered in Komplek Perkantoran Permata Taman Royal Tangerang, with experts in the field of electrical and supported by professional engineering in the field, ACKU sure will compete in world electrical manufacturer.